Building Surveys

Project name and description

Residential Surveys


We offer full building survey reports. The inspection will cover all of the principal elements of construction. The report will provide a brief description of each element, comment upon its condition and may make recommendations for repairs or improvements, if required. The report will also cover other matters such as potential legal and boundary disputes or whether an extension complies with Building Regulations. The service includes a talk through of our findings following the inspection.

Commercial Surveys


In addition to reporting upon the condition of the property our advice will include commenting upon existing  compliance with statutory regulations and the potential liability for costs arising out of the covenants of any proposed lease.



Tailored Reports


We can tailor our reports to suit our clients' particular requirements. If you do not require a full building survey then we can offer to report purely upon those specific areas of concern to you. The inspection will be just as thorough but advice will be restricted to only those specific items.


A popular option adopted by our clients is to commission a Schedule Report. This takes the form of a schedule rather than a more traditional detailed report. The inspection will be the same but the schedule will provide more concise information sufficient for you to appreciate the condition of the property and any matters that could influence your purchasing decision. The time saved in preparation benefits the client in lower fees but without lower protection.

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