Building Defect &  Dispute Advice

Building Defects


As well as surveys we provide defect analysis advice and reports. Defect analysis advice is useful when you spot a potential problem with your property but are unsure what to do about it. We can advise you whether action is required and what remedial works should be carried out.


The benefit of consulting a chartered surveyor rather contacting a builder directly is that we can supply you with impartial advice in regards to the matter as well prescribe the correct solution. This means you can then attain competitive quotes from a range of builders for the same specified remedial works.


Examples include:


-Water ingress and damp problems


-Structural movement


-Structural support



Building Disputes


We can also provide advice in relation to disputes arising between a builder and their client over partial or completed works, either upon the quality of the works or the costs of the extras. Our reports can include cost estimates and schedules pf works to be replaced or which remains outstanding.

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